Sunday, January 22, 2012

Never Settle!

Oh Hey! Its been a minute since my last post. A LOT has happened.

My company has moved. Therefore I did too. But not too far from my ATL home base. Just a few cities north. I also moved to a bigger place. Translate: I GOT A CRAFT ROOM. WIN. I also got a cat.

So since I moved, I also got new towels. I would like to stop and proclaim my love for Amy Butler. Dear lord. I love that stuff. Particularly her fabrics and sheet sets. So naturally my new towels were Amy towels. And naturally she had matching shower curtains.... Oh wait. There were shower curtains, but they did not match! UGH. So I looked for an alternative to match my sea foam and coral towels, but nothing made me squeal so I did the normal thing and went to and bought my own Amy Butler fabric and made my own shower curtain.

I have been moved into my new place for almost three months now. So naturally now that my lease is almost up, I decided to do this now. Anyway, I wanted to used two fabrics. I felt like if I was to make my own shower curtain then it should be ruffled. As everything should be.

So I chose my two fabrics based on this double sided quilted fabric. I liked them and figured they matched. So I just bought the regular, non-quilted, versions of the fabrics. I bought three yards of the floral fabric, and two of the paisley fabric.

So, as I began this endeavor, this was my design.

I then decided I was not a huge fan of the two together, so I would use just the floral and be done with it. Then I realized I did not have enough fabric to make a long enough curtain with just the floral because I bought three not four yards. Oops. So I changed my design to this! Sorry for the primitive illustrations.

Anyway, things to keep in mind when making your own shower curtain.

1.) Why?

2.) The best thing about this: No pattern necessary... Unless you have issues making a square...

3.) This requires lots of ironing. It brings out the domestic in me.

4.) Cats LOOOOVE large quantities of fabric.

KITTY! This is Milo. He is very considerate and likes to help.

Two things I made sure to do that I normally do not do. first, I made pretty seams!

Second, for the bottom ruffle, I doubled it up. I did this for two reasons. One I did not have to hem it later, and two I wanted some weight on the bottom to hold the curtain down. You know, for those breezy showers.

This was my near finished result! I took a moment to do some math and evenly distribute the button hole marks for the hangers.

Button holes are the bane of my existence. However, my mother would be proud! I finally got it together and made my one step button hole work for me. WOO!

And finally! The end result. I am crazy happy with how it looks and I am glad I did not settle for a boring store bought curtain. It is bright and fresh! Something I needed with the lovely weather we have been having recently.