Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sour Sweets!

With birthday season in full swing, my Kitchenaid is getting quite a workout! On Sunday part of my family and I celebrated my Grandmother's 87th birthday and I was able to make the cake!

I knew right away I wanted to make a lemon cake. I wanted one that was not too sweet or too heavy, like a pound cake, so I found this recipe for a Lemon Chiffon Cake with Raspberry Whipped Creme Icing.

I have never made a Lemon cake before, but this one was moderate on the scale of difficulty. Whipping egg whites is a new skill I acquired from this recipe.

Cook for a while...

They cooked PERFECTLY. I could not have asked for more beautiful cakes!

I started to make the whipped creme, but then changed my mind and decided this cake needed a raspberry butter creme.

I modified my favorite butter creme recipe to include real raspberry juice and while it turned out well, I think I need to work on this a little more.

Overall, the cake turned out great! It had a fabulous texture and was not too dry like my carrot cake! And now...

The Macaroons are coming! The Macaroons are coming!!!

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